The Silly Season is upon us

Posted: December 15, 2008 in General

Hard to believe but Christmas is just around the corner and I have yet to start shopping.

This year, given current circumstances I am going to have to be cheap without seeming cheap.  Not always an easy path to walk.

I have in previous years been a little extravagant, especially the first year I was working.  Made mum cry that year.

One thought I did come up with was due to reading J.R.R.Tolkien’s Christmas Letters, a series of letters he wrote and illustrated for his children that came from Father Christmas.  Not something I could do, least no the illustrations.

But it did give me an idea.  I have a niece, two and a half, and a nephew, one and a bit, with a third on the way.  I had an idea to write some children’s stories for them, The Adventures of Emma and Goch. though it is a bit late to do so this year.  Maybe next year.  By the way, Goch isn’t his real name – it was what his sister called him when she was first learning to speak.  I, for some obscure reason, came out as Ert.  I shall have to use that in the stories I think – the eccentric Uncle Ert.

  1. J.C says:

    That sounds like heaps of fun!
    I’m working on some kids stories for the children in my family for next year as well, and over time I plan on putting together a book of fairy tales for the girls. Fun stuff. Family often do appreciate writing! I never used to let mine read anything, and then one year I gave them each a book of short stories and poetry, it went down a treat!
    Good luck with your Christmas prep anyways, I still have loads to do as well… gotta get onto taking some photos tomorrow.

  2. qorvus says:

    I’ve always been rather…reticent…to let anyone see anything I’ve written, which is why this site is a bit unusual for me.

    Probably easier to start with someone who is less likely to be critical – ie very young children. 🙂

  3. J.C says:

    lol you do have to start somewhere, and family are more than likely going to go easier on you than others 😉
    It was quite a relief to have had them read something for me, like my dirty little secret was out in the open!
    And earlier this year an Aunty stopped by to drop something off, but declined a coffee because she knew I would be ‘busy writing’. Apparently sharing things means I am no longer ‘just’ a stay at home mum, but someone who is ‘doing something with her time.’

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