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So now I’ve got a new short story finished, what is next on the agenda of writing?

In addition to that I will also be trying to finish off the second story of non-serious sci-fi setting featuring the the slightly sarcastic android Ray and his somewhat naive master – and a bevy of green alien princesses. I did mention it was not serious, right?

I found, in the recess of my old computer, another sci-fi short story from some years back – and not light hearted at all like Ray’s one is. It will require some tidying up and adapting to some new ideas I’ve had before it is ready.

And then there is the next story for Nhaqosa the minotaur, a steampunk short story introducing Sir Richard Hammerman – gentleman adventure – and his friends, another tale of the mythical hero Cahuac, a children’s story I’m working on for my niece and nephews, a new one with Professor Halir and Harry Ban in the gunpowder fantasy setting and various other ideas. Oh, and somewhere in that working on the novel.

It is a full time job – just with no pay.


It has been a while since I last added a short story to the collection, but the next one is finally done and now available.

The Painted Ones is the sequel to The Hall of Black Trees , set in a savage and primal world and following the story of the human hunter Braega, his marsupial lion companion Alia and the the small lizardman Tudhala. Braega has not yet recovered from the events of the previous story and during their travels they meet the a mysterious woman with some dark secrets and the savage inhuman Painted Ones.

Got a couple more short stories in the works that I hope to have up soon as well.

The Doctor Is Back

Posted: April 19, 2010 in General
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The Doctor is back – and The Doctor is awesome.

The first three episodes of the new season of Doctor Who have come out, showing the new, 11th, incarnation of the Doctor and his new companion, and any concerns people may have had about Matt Smith in the role can safely be put to rest. Quite frankly, he is better than Tennant.

Yes, yes, I know all the Tennant groupies will take exception, but I never though he was all that great, much preferring the 9th Doctor – Eccleston – over the 10th. That may be because Eccleston was my Doctor.

When I was growing up I knew of Doctor Who, but rarely got to see it. My parents weren’t fans. So when NuWho started up, I was intrigued. It was the preview before the show even aired that really got me – and one line in it in particular.

“I’m the Doctor by the way, who are you?”
“Nice to meet you Rose. Run for your life.”

The line can be seen at the end of this clip.

Eccleston’ Doctor had a maniac, not-entirely-safe energy about him that I liked and I was saddened to see him leave after just the one season. Tennant couldn’t really fill that void, and he just didn’t have that same dangerous vibe about him. The new, 11th, Doctor so far has returned to being a proper doctor – an eccentric, slightly mad scientist Doctor. Having a sexy Scottish redhead companion never hurts either.

it also helps that Moffat is in charge now, the writer of the best NuWho episodes.

A short story draft that has been floating around for a few months has finally been completed. Hopefully in the next few days I can complete the rewrite and add the first new short story to the collection for some time.

The story – tentatively titled The Painted Ones – is the sequel to The Hall of Black Trees, taking place directly after the events in it. The little lizardman Tudhala, the human hunter Braega and his marsupial lion companion Alia make a return, meeting up with a strange woman in the deep woods who possesses unnatural powers over the primal world.

Castle Renewed and the New Promo

Posted: April 1, 2010 in General
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Castle – my favourite TV show currently showing – has been renewed for a third full season, which is excellent news. Ratings continue to improve and the show keeps on getting better.

And they recently released a promo clip for the show which showcases the show perfectly – sexy, funny and great acting.