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That Quote

Posted: December 5, 2008 in General

Some of you may have noticed that in part one of Cara’s Choice there is a certain movie quote. The more cultured amongst you may know it. For the rest of you, consider yourself the sufferers of misfortune.

The quote comes from the greatest Sci Fi movie ever made, and one of the greatest movies in general. Ever. That movie is Blade Runner. It comes from the most memorable scene from the movie, right near the end.

And so, I present it here, for the fans and those who will undoubtedly be fans upon viewing it.


And so we come to the conclusion of the second ‘working’ week.  The weekend is still to come, so undoubtedly there will be more done then, but this is a wrap up of the working week.

The week was not quite as productive as I would have hope – too many interruptions – though it kept at the same pace as the first week.  The count seems to have been somewhere around 13K words, give or take.  Most of that was work on ‘Winter Wolves’.

I finished the plot outline of Winter Wolves and have been hard at work on the alpha draft of it, reaching a little over 11K words on it.  The plan is to complete the draft by the end of next week, at somewhere in the vicinity of 20-25K words and then commence the beta polish.

There should, shortly, appear another project on this site.  More on that, however, in a later post.

Short Story Friday is well underway, and there is an update to be had already. The Bronze Man has been further added to.

Awn has traveled to challenge the Chelosian raiders and has come up against the Chelosian champion, Kiriastas.

The outcome? Tune in next time.

Short Story Friday is not done yet, so there may be more to come later in the day.

Short Story Friday

Posted: December 5, 2008 in General, writing update

Short Story Friday has arrived. Huzzah!

What exactly, I hear you ask, is Short Story Friday. Simply, it is the day of the week I devote to working on short stories. Why take time away from working on longer projects? There are a number of reasons.

Short stories tend to be less complex, but more concise than longer works of fiction. As a result, they require a different style of writing, and that can only help improve me as a writer. Being stuck in a rut of the same old, same old can stagnate you, so mixing it up can shake out some of those cobwebs.

They are also, oddly, somewhat quicker to complete. Actually being able to have something complete in front of you is a boost to a struggling writer. The sense of accomplishment may not match that when you complete that one hundred thousand word epic, but it is a start and can drive you forward.

Being able to show people something completed is also a boost. It can hopefully get people interested in your works, and if you get really lucky, you may get it published, which can only help boost interest. At the least it can give people something to critique.

So that is what Short Story Friday is about. I hope to, each Friday, post up something from the day’s work. It may not always be the entire short story, it may be just a part of it, but the plan is for something to go up.

It is something of an inspiration to note that two of the best know literary characters, Sherlock Holmes (by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) and Conan the Cimmerian (by Robert E. Howard) were born in short stories, and they endure still too this day. Not that I claim to be at their level of prowess, but it is a comforting thought to be able to follow in their footsteps.

So Short Story Friday, here we come.