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A new part has been added to The Bronze Man short story as part of Short Story Friday.

In the new part Awn the Red and the Chelosian Kiriastas engage in their challenge, as well as dealing with the aftermath of the fight.

The story should continue again next Friday, so tune in then for more.


After the struggle of the last short while, I finally punched through the wall and reached a significant milestone.

The alpha draft/synopsis of ‘Winter Wolves’ is complete, and it feels good.  It only comes in at around 19,400 words, done in around two weeks of writing, but it isn’t meant to be full length – it is just the outline.

Next step is to go back over it, line by line, chapter by chapter, and flesh it out.  As it stands now many of the descriptions are fairly basic.  It may read something along the lines of;

The sun rose and a breeze blew through the trees.  A man rode down the hill, following the path into the village.

As I said, just a basic outline of what happens.  Lines like that will get reworked to be much more descriptive, worthy of being in a story.

Also many of the characters are fairly basic, with no descriptions, and instead are just names. Some aren’t even that, being known by titles until I can give them appropriate names.

There are times when characters also disappear for no reason and crop up again later for no other reason I had forgotten they were there and it becomes blindingly obvious later on when they appear again later on with no explanations as to where they had been.

I may end up printing out what is done to date and make annotations as I read through it about things that need fixing.