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The rather silly little sequel to the rather silly little short story Ray and His Human has been completed and posted for your amusement.

Ray was meant to be a one off short story but I liked it enough to write a sequel – and maybe more will make an appearance in the future.

In this one Ray the snarky, sarcastic robot has his work cut out trying to keep his accident prone human master Brian out of danger, but it isn’t helped with stolen warships, crash landings and seven alien princesses – and yes, they are green skinned.


After a bit of a break, the next musical interlude is winging its way to you.

Both these pieces – The End Run and Suicide Mission – come from the Mass Effect 2 soundtrack.

Suicide Mission

The End Run

Both pieces are suitable epic for the ME2 game. The odd thing is that I’m still trying to judge the game itself. It made some marked improvements over the first game, especially with the removal of the elevators, and has one of the best computer game characters you’ll meet, the awesome Mordin Solus, but I am still uncertain as to which of the two I prefer. I’m not sure of the exact problem I may or may not have with ME2, but a big part is probably due to working with Cerberus, whose actions in the first instalment of the game had them marked for death with extreme prejudice.

Have finished off another rough draft, this time for a sequel to the rather silly little sci-fi short story Ray and his Human, called Ray and the Alien Princesses. And yes, they are green. As normal things go wrong for Brian and it is up to the snarky, sarcastic android Ray to save the day. The rewrite will be done at some stage, though not exactly sure when it will make its appearance.

I decided to do a word count on all the stories I have made available and discovered that it totalled up to around 121,000 words in 22 stories. That is slightly larger than your average novel and more than I had expected. And it is not done with yet. Another is getting close to completion and there are plenty more on the books to come.

I’ve been toying around with (another) story idea and had the idea of doing up the first chapter and putting it up on the website as an introduction to it.

The scene was all laid out in my mind so I sat down and did up a rough outline of it, including at points as simple dot points. In the end I had expected the final product would be about 5000 words – a good, but not lengthy intro to the story.

When I finally finished the outline it had reached 4250 words already. I can’t see the final, rewritten and detailed scene to be anything less than 10,000 words now, much more than I had expected, and what is more a character who wasn’t really meant to be one sat up and introduced himself.

All he was meant to be was a minor background character who was in the scene to help expand on some plot exposition without resorting to a sheer info dump. Not only is he trying to progress beyond that but, oddly, it helped clear up a few loose ends about why the story was taking place and the broader picture of the shape of the world at large.

Odd how that happens at times.