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The Silly Season is upon us

Posted: December 15, 2008 in General

Hard to believe but Christmas is just around the corner and I have yet to start shopping.

This year, given current circumstances I am going to have to be cheap without seeming cheap.  Not always an easy path to walk.

I have in previous years been a little extravagant, especially the first year I was working.  Made mum cry that year.

One thought I did come up with was due to reading J.R.R.Tolkien’s Christmas Letters, a series of letters he wrote and illustrated for his children that came from Father Christmas.  Not something I could do, least no the illustrations.

But it did give me an idea.  I have a niece, two and a half, and a nephew, one and a bit, with a third on the way.  I had an idea to write some children’s stories for them, The Adventures of Emma and Goch. though it is a bit late to do so this year.  Maybe next year.  By the way, Goch isn’t his real name – it was what his sister called him when she was first learning to speak.  I, for some obscure reason, came out as Ert.  I shall have to use that in the stories I think – the eccentric Uncle Ert.