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Another fairly decent week of work, with around 8600 words done. Could have been more but for a weekend taken up with other events.

All of this was done on Winter Wolves and definite progress is being made now – I have passed 42,000 words and are part of the way through chapter sixteen. By this time next week I hope to have completed the rough draft and then comes the fun part – the rewrite and expanding it out to a more decent length.

Also started was my other ‘blog’ – Zombie Blogger. Just a bit of fun to be having writing for it when I have a few moments to spare.


Missing Character

Posted: March 25, 2009 in winter wolves
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I’m frankly a bit embarrassed about this but I seem to have misplaced a character.  I’m not talking about a minor character either, I’m talking about a very important main character and the only female one to boot.

Just realised there is this gap of three of four chapters where she is meant to be around but no mention is made of her at all.  No idea how that happened.  Must go back over them at some stage and weave her back into the story.

I think this may have beena  result of some changes done between the synopsis and the draft which I forgot to factor in…

A Side Project

Posted: March 24, 2009 in General
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I’ve started a small, side project – Zombie Blogger!

Everyone loves zombies it seems – but no on asks the Zombies what they think of things, so I started a small blog, done from the persona of a zombie, writing about zombies and zombie related matters.

It is just a simple bit of fun – nothing too serious and should only take up a few minutes a day to update.  Got a few more posts ready to go, but the plan is to spread them out over a bit more time and not do all at once. 🙂

Special zombie points to those that can pick the references in the first couple of posts.


Something of an odd title, but currently I am both two thirds and one half through writing Winter Wolves.

How can it be both?  Simply, I have written fourteen of the twenty one planned chapters, meaning that that part is two thirds complete.  Likewise I have written roughly half the planned words.

I am not too worried about the word count lagging behind – this is after all the rough draft and will undoubtedly expand during the rewrite.  The first three chapters, which have already been subject to a rewrite underwent this.  They roughly doubled in total during their rewrite, and now total around 17,000 words between them.  The subsequent ten written chapters in total only make around 20,000 words, but that will increase in length as they are written.

Plan now is to write the last seven chapter, hopefully over the next seven days, and bring the rough draft to a close.  Then the rewrite and polish can commence.

Week eleven was a good week.  Managed to do around 9500 words during the week, almost all on Winter Wolves.  The total for the draft now stands at 33331 words written, over 40% of the desired end total.

At this stage I am roughly halfway through the planned chapters, though the word output for the second half of the draft probably wont match the first. My guess is by the time the 21 chapters are complete, the draft will be around 60,000 words.  It will therefore need around 20,000 more words added during the rewrite and polishing, but we will worry about that later.

Despite the output it could have been much better.  There were a number of days were I got an hours solid writing in and did 1000 words in that period.  Then, instead of continuing on, I slacked off.  Imagien what could happen if I could get a solid six hours done in one day?

Musical Interlude

Posted: March 19, 2009 in musical interlude
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A return to the musical interludes, and this one was brought about by a youtube video clip.  Don’t ask me how they do it.

Yep, the familiar strains of the Doctor Who theme – but done via tesla coils and electrical arcs.

As you do, I went looking at links to related videos and found this one, which is a compilation of every Doctor Who over its forty years.

Then there was this small clip, which is of one of my favourite bits of music from the new Doctor Who series.  The tune is called All the Strange, Strange Creatures.  Kind of fitting for Dr Who.

I went looking for a full version of this one and came across a recording done at Doctor Who at the Proms.  This was done in front of an audience, so you can hear them in bits, but it is certainly an awesome peace of music when played out loud.

This is going to be the first of a number of post relating how the world I call Sharael came into existence, and the changes and alterations – often radical – that became made to it.

Sharael is only the current name for it – there have been other iterations of the world’s name, some best left forgotten.  It is also the name the Maedari use – other races and peoples have their own names for it too.

It all really began with just the kernel of an idea, way back in 1986.  Yes, that is quite some time ago.  In the back yard of the house we lived in back then I had a tree house.  Well, sort of a treehouse.  It was half an old door lodged in between a fork in the tree and nailed into place.  But it was a treehouse to me in my vivid imagination – and I had a good one.

One day, an old friend and myself were playing in it.  For whatever reason that I can no longer remember, we came up with a fictitious race of people that we pretended to be, a race called the Tree People.  Not, you will admit, the most well thought out of names, but we were only twelve at the time.

These Tree People lived in trees, and ate products from trees and had the names of Trees – we were Ash and Oak.  It was a lot of fun, and may have come to nothing, except for an event that occurred the following year.

It was my first year of high school, and for our English class we were set a task or writing a story.  At the time I had just finished reading The Hobbit, and my story was called The Battle of Red River Ravine.  It drew heavily on The Battle of Five Armies from The Hobbit, plus bits of whatever else I was reading at the time, like Narnia.  The main two protagonist of the story were Ash and Oak Sycamore, a pair of Tree People brothers.  There was even a map at the back of the story.

From there it sort of gathered pace.  The map kept expanding – up to 25 A4 sheets of paper in size and I kept on writing history and adding elements from whatever I was reading at the time – Lord of the Rings, Belgariad, Pern anything and everything.  One culture was heavily influenced by the Roman legions, another by the Dragonriders of Pern, and a third was pretty much a clone of the Rohirrim, but with elves and dwarves and gnomes thrown in.  There were even genealogies and languages in the works as well.

It was a hopeless mismatch of cultures and histories that made little sense, but it was a beginning.

That was how the world began, but it was soon to change and for the better.

I just did a quick count on what has been written so far, including today’s efforts so far, and the total has now passed 30,000 words, half way through chapter ten.

All in all around 2/5ths of a book, so still a fair way to go, but progress is being made at last.

Just came across a writing contest by Blizzard Entertainment that I am certainly going to have a go at.

Challenge is to write a 3k to 10K short story set in one of the universes from either their Warcraft, Starcraft or Diablo settings, due by April 12th.

Grand prize is a trip to Blizzard HQ to meet the staff and writers behind the lore in their games and books, plus a replica of the Frostmourne sword from the Warcraft setting, the sword of Athas the Lich King.

The link to the rules and submission page is at Blizzard Creative Writing Contest

A Better Start

Posted: March 14, 2009 in writing update
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Had a much better start to this week so far. First three days I’ve written around 5300 words.

Down side is that those total the output for three chapters. Hardly long enough to encompass a proper chapter. They do need a rewrite after the draft is complete, but either they will need some major extension work or I will have to combine them and reduce the number of chapters.