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Website Update

Posted: December 14, 2008 in General

I’ve updated the website, slowly adding more information.

The Winter Wolves page will feature more information on that work in progress now that the rough draft is done. Currently it features a brief synopsis and a list and short descriptions of some of the main characters. More will be added over time, including extracts as they are fleshed out and polished up.

The page on Sharael has two new subpages;

Early History has a very brief recounting of the most ancient days of Sharael, events so far back in time that they are accounted as myths.

Aesvar deals with a rough history of the region west of the Sea that the Maedari call Aesvar, the lands in which they live.

These will be further expanded on, and further pages added to give more of an insight into the world of Sharael.