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So there I was last week flicking through the TV channels and saw a show coming up – A History of Scotland.  With my Scottish heritage and love of things Scottish (especially the bagpipes) I’d thought I’d check it out.

The episode covered the time from Romans first met the Picts right up to the birth of the nation of Alba under Constantine II (943-952).

And, of course, an idea for a story exploded into life.  A bit of fiddle work and the idea was expanded upon, recounting the founding of the Kingdom of the Tirhanites.  For those who have read my works, the Tirhanites feature in a few of them.  The initial idea was for the story of how one boy went from exile to reclaiming his throne to founding the Kingdom, but then as I worked on the backstory a series of other stories came to life and it looks like becoming a series of novellas.

The first story revolves around Tirhan himself, taking place one thousand years before the events in The Commonwealth Chronicles, and how he came to found the people who would in later days become known as teh Tirhanites.

So there you have it – yet another bunch of stories to add to the collection waiting to be written.


Pure Escapism Page Update

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Pure Escapism

I am currently updating the Pure Escapism page, which means for the moment there are some broken links.

Try not to trip over them as I work on getting it all completed.

I had my first ever interview posted, over on Indie Book Blog.

Its actually rather a lengthy one, and doing them is harder than it seems.

I’ll need to start hunting down more if I am to get my name out there and interest in the books.

I was mildly surprised, and rather happy, yesterday to see Blade Runner trending on Twitter.

It very rapidly turned to despair when I saw why it was it was trending. A Warner Brother financed production company, Alcon Entertainment, is in final negotiations to produce prequels and sequels to Blade Runner.

Blade Runner is the greatest sci-fi movie ever made, and is likely ever to be made. Nothing they could do could come close to it. To date I have not heard a single person supporting this idea. It is just another example of how bankrupt Hollywood is for ideas. What next, a remake of Casablanca?

It should not go ahead and the outcry I hope will convince them to change their minds.

To restore some sanity, here is the most memorable scene from that great movie;

And here we are in March already – two months of the year gone.

The output was reduced a lot compared to January, only around 50-60K done, but a lot of time was spent finishing Winter Wolves, proof-reading it and publishing it on Amazon/Smashwords.

The givewaway of Winter Wolves has slowed down some, but has now hit 101 people having acquired it. No reviews yet but three people have said that they will at some stage.

Sales wise, between the two novels I managed 15 sales for the month. Not a huge amount, but it is a start. Of those 6 were of Winter Wolves, so I’ll have to calculate how much goes towards supporting my sister – that one of them was on and is listed in pence makes it more challenging.

I didn’t hit all my goals – a fair way off it actually, but it was a decent month still.

Aims for March. Work on He Stands Between, Dawn of Wolves, Hammer of the Skies and a novelette for another project. Aim is to try and finish one of the first three and the novelette.