Archive for December 20, 2008

As reported earlier, the first day of the forth week was somewhat of a disaster, but since then things have picked up and I got back into the swing.

The beta draft of Winter Wolves is under way, fleshing out on the recently completed synopsis. The last four days saw around 10500 words done on it, up to part of the way through the third chapter. It will need a polish up once done, but I am happy with the way it is coming along, even with my normally fairly pessimistic outlook on my writing.

These last four weeks I have gone past 50,000 words written, which, when though about, is a decent amount. Almost a short novel in length, just not the composition.

Next week. As some may have noticed, next week is Christmas. This means my writing next week will be all but non-existent. Between last minute shopping and a few days up at my parents with the family I doubt I will have much time to write. I may print out what is done so far and review it while away, but that may be the limit of it.

I am almost certainly going to experience some form of withdrawal while away. I have noticed more of late an itch when I am not writing, a need to be writing, even when doing other things I normally enjoy – reading, watching movies, even playing games – and as a hardcore gamer that is saying something.