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And so ends the third week and the fourth week looms upon us, fresh and uncharted.

But first, the news.

The main is, of course, that the alpha draft/synopsis of ‘Winter Wolves’ has been completed.  It is good to have completed it and ready to engage the next phase.

In addition, the serial story Cara’s Choice has started and been updated four times this last week, though will return to a more regular schedule now, and The Bronze Man has been further added to.   I am about half way through The Bronze Man so the complete (if unpolished) version should be entirely up in a couple of weeks.

At a rough estimate, this was another week of around 13K words. Still lower than I would have liked, but consistent. It makes in the last three weeks a total of around 40K words written, which is more than I have written in a long time.

And now, onwards to week four.


Not alone

Posted: December 13, 2008 in General

As I mentioned in an earlier post I have a habit of starting new projects before completing old ones and am always coming up with new ideas.

As it turns out I am not alone in this. Jen Haley, in her post here mentions that similar happens to her, and in the comments others say the same.

It is reassuring to find out that this happens to others as well.