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10K reached

Posted: December 4, 2008 in writing update
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Just hit five figures on the alpha draft of ‘Winter Wolves’ 10,000 words done and more to come. Giving my self a short break as a reward.

Alpha draft? Strange term I hear you say. Comes from too much computing. The alpha is the initial, basic concept, while the beta is when the polish and bug fixes get done, of which there tend to be many builds.

In effect that is the way I’m doing it. The ‘alpha draft’ is the initial skeleton of the story, the plot of the story without much flesh or skin. At the current rate it would appear that all up this will be in the 20-30,000 word length.

Once that is done I will start the beta plot, fleshing out the story. Adding descriptions, minor plot points, expanding and polishing. At least, that is the plan.