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I’ve recently stumbled upon a TV show called Jeeves and Wooster – and wish I’d known about it earlier. It was actually made twenty years ago – staring a much younger Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie – and was based on the Jeeves series of novels and short stories by P. G. Wodehouse, and of which I am now going to have to read at some stage.

The series is set in England and the US in the 1930s, and revolves around ‘Bertie’ Wooster (played by Hugh Laurie), a young man of independent means, and Jeeves (played by Stephen Fry), his ‘gentleman’s personal gentleman’ or valet. Bertie is an amiable young fellow who is always getting into misadventures, either helping out friends and family who get themselves in a pickle, or by accidentally falling into engagements – which seems to occur on a regular basis. It falls to Jeeves, the brains of the outfit, to extract him and his friends and family form their problems.

One of the amusing things about the show is the way actors keep changing – some characters are played by up to four actors across the four seasons, while some actors play a couple of characters.

And then you have the theme…


Over on Book Brouhaha, a site dedicated to the short story, The Pit got reviewed, receiving 4/5 stars, which is high praise indeed given most short stories reviewed there seem to get a lower rating.

The first theatrical trailer for the new Conan the Barbarian movie has been released, the one starring Jason Momoa, not Arnold, which is due out Aug 19th.

As a big fan of Robert E Howard’s works, I am looking forward to this – it looks more true to the source material than Arnold’s version did.

The trailer can be seen over here.

I’ve been doing some planning on the future of The Chronicles of the White Bull collection of stories and have come up with a bit of a outline.

In all, including the four stories written so far, there are going to be ten in total. The next four will be written and released in pairs, like the first four, and then I’ll read a prologue and epilogue story, the start and the end of Nhaqosa’s story, and release them all as an anthology, comparable in length to a full novel. Hopefully I’ll even be able to get some proper artwork for the cover. Of the remaining six I have plans or have started writing four of them.

While doing all that I’ll also be working on the Peregrine and Blade stories, but once the Nhaqosa series is done I’ll be starting on a new one – The Halir Ashford Expeditions. Halir Ashford, professor, explorer, historian and adventurer, was just meant to be a bit character to help the plot in a story that barely got started before it was set aside but Halir survived and thrived, and is a central character in two novelettes (The Tomb of the Tagosa Kings & Gifts and Sacrifices) and both novels (Tears of the Mountains & Winter Wolves), as well as being in an unfinished novellas (Dawn of Wolves). The collection he will be in will help flesh out the history, both past and present, of the world of Sharael.

Now just to get it all written…

Over on facebook, Peter Jackson – director of The Lord of the Rings – has posted his first video from the set of The Hobbit. Looking forward to seeing it – and also more videos from Peter Jackson as the filming continues.

Head over here to see it.