The Week in Review: Week Two

Posted: December 5, 2008 in writing update
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And so we come to the conclusion of the second ‘working’ week.  The weekend is still to come, so undoubtedly there will be more done then, but this is a wrap up of the working week.

The week was not quite as productive as I would have hope – too many interruptions – though it kept at the same pace as the first week.  The count seems to have been somewhere around 13K words, give or take.  Most of that was work on ‘Winter Wolves’.

I finished the plot outline of Winter Wolves and have been hard at work on the alpha draft of it, reaching a little over 11K words on it.  The plan is to complete the draft by the end of next week, at somewhere in the vicinity of 20-25K words and then commence the beta polish.

There should, shortly, appear another project on this site.  More on that, however, in a later post.

  1. J.C says:

    It sounds like you are doing really well. Have been reading your blog for a few days but thought I would say ‘Hi’ and let you know you have another reader 😉
    Looking forward to seeing how things go in the future for you!

  2. qorvus says:

    Hi J.C. Thanks for the comment – good to see the site at least has someone reading 🙂

    Hopefully things pick up in the future – though quantity does not always mean quality.

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