Week In Review: Week Twenty Two 2009

Posted: June 4, 2009 in writing update
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Time for another review of the last week’s writing efforts.

I’m making good progress, having hit the 2K mark for all the first three days of the month to date, and a total of 6200 words all up. All of that has been towards the second volume of Pure Escapism, and it is getting closer to being finished. Rough drafts if two of the four articles are complete and a third is very close, and will be finished today. The forth may be done today as well, but we will see. After that will need to come some extensive editting.

It feels good to be writing a decent amount again, making goals and progress. I guess it is like a drug at times – when I’m not writing I’m thinking about it and get moody and irritable, but when I make those writing goals I get on a it of a high. Now if I could only get over this habit of not writing when I sit down to write – to concentrate on it and ignore everything else.


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