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It feels a bit surreal to be making this post, but I’ve had a review of Pure Escapism: Volume One.  A good one too, which almost makes it immodest to post.  To remain balanced I shall be obliged to post up a poor review as well, even if I have to write it myself.

The review comes from Mr. E. Patrick Dorris, who came across it at Smashwords.  He also writes there, with the series John Smith, World Jumper – more on which later. He is one of the highest rated authors by readers there too, which makes it a double honour. I encourage people to have a read of his story too.

His main review was on his blog, which can be read here. Part of what he says goes as follows;

As I have attempted to do with the John Smith, World Jumper series, Mr. Warwick seems to write in a fast paced, action oriented style while presenting characters that aren’t overly angsty and flawed like so many of today’s heroes.

I write what I like to read, and if others like it as well, that’s an added bonus. I guess I grew up reading a different era of heroes – sure, they had their problems, regrets, doubts and the like, by they didn’t descended into sullen, surly angst. They got out and did what needed doing without moping around the place. And because they were heroes, they often died in the process.

He also has a couple of shorter reviews of the first two stories at the webpage for Volume One.

For Cahuac and the Sun he wrote;

“Cahuac and the Sun,” the second story in the series reminded me so much of Native American myths (although clearly not set there, at least not in this universe) that I could see Mr. Warwick writing a believable mythological background for a world of his own making. It was completely original, but with themes and elements so familiar that if one slipped it into a book containing hunter-gatherer or early agriculturist myths, not many would suspect it was not authentic myth

This was exactly what I was aiming for, so it it pleasing to know it worked. A thing that wasn’t raised in the story, and really there was no need to, is that the people in question, the Aracan, aren’t even human. I am shortly planning on doing a post that will explain in a bit more detail where the story, and the Aracan came from, as they have had a fairly lengthy evolution to arrive at their current form.