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What Im Reading

Posted: June 3, 2009 in What Im Reading
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Had a quick glance at the books beside my bed and was surprised at how many were sitting there, either being read or recently finished. Plus a number of notebooks for ideas.

So I though I would list them – and will do so at regular intervals from now.

The Swiss Family Robinson – Johann Wyss. (A favourite when young but haven’t read for many years.)
The Complete Chronicles of Conan – Robert. E. Howard. (Slowly making my way through, and also good for inspiration for Pure Escapism)
The Silmarillion – J.R.R.Tolkien (Pretty much never leaves the bedside.)
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. (Another collection of short stories I’m studying to learn the craft of writing them better.)
Toll the Hounds – Steven Erikson (Been there a while – started it but set it aside and never got back to it.)
Red Mars – Kim Stanley Robinson (Was trying to remember if it was as dry as I remembered, but on the other hand inspires the desire in me to explore new lands.)

Read but not returned to the bookshelf yet;
Sharpe’s Rifles – Bernard Cornwell (Using for inspiration for ideas)
Death to the French – C.S.Forester (Same setting as Cornwell, but different style)


First two days of the June Challenge have gone well – around 4100 words written.  All of that so far is working towards the second volume of Pure Escapism.

Most of the work has been on The Hall of Black Trees, which to date is around 7300 words long and the first draft not yet completed.  It appears as if it will be the main piece for the volume, as the other stories aren’t going to turn out anywhere near its length.

Should have the rough drafts finished by weeks end at this rate, ready for editing.

Blizzard have unveiled the new skins for the Tauren Druid cat forms – and they are a vast, vast improvement over what they were. Not that that was hard.

The new skins make the cats look dangerous now, as well as their Tauren heritage showing amongst that of the great cat. The guild may have a hard time getting me to shift out of cat now…
Tauren Druid Cat Form