Archive for June 15, 2009

I’m changing the content of the upcoming second volume of Pure Escapism slightly. One of the short stories, namely The Village, hasn’t worked out as well as I would like, so I am pulling it out for now and, once it is fixed, it will appear in a later issue.

Replacing it is a short story that is perhaps the oldest one I’ve got that is worth reading – it dates back to ’91 or ’92, when I was still a teenager. To have something from my teenage years actually decent enough to read is a rarity.

The story was one I wrote for Writers Workshop class. I may actually have the original one around somewhere, but it would be hard to find, tough I remember the plot quite well. The story itself came from an exercise where we were shown a painting and had to write a story from it. The painting was of an old, slightly sad looking man, wearing a Spanish Conquistador style helmet with a red plume. The story itself is a bit different, which lends itself well to the more experimental feel of the second volume.

The story is called The Duel, and I look forward to it being available soon, once volume two is finally finished.