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Volume Two of Pure Escapism has had a minor update, basically fixing a few formatting/spelling/grammar errors.

Preparing To Write

Posted: June 25, 2009 in writing update

My desk at the moment is rather a mess, covered with the scattered detritus of living – books, letters, bills, notes, loose change, whatever I find in my pockets and throw down on it at the end of the day.

Toss a couple of computers into the mix and it is rather cluttered. A lot cluttered actually. I am sure that all that mess is not really conducive to a good writing frame of mind. It is on the To Do list to clean up, but that list never seems to get much progress made on it.

Getting in the right frame of mind to write certainly helps the progress. Somewhere without clutter and without distractions – no loud music or other loud noises and the like.

I know for myself that at times I find that hard and is something I need to work on. To limit my usage of email/twitter/forums/etc while writing. To not need to get up every few minutes to find something.

One thing I do do is have small snacks at hand – keeps the energy up and gives you something you can reward yourself with; chips, biscuits, chocolates or the like, plus drinks.

Anyway, I’m writing this instead of writing something else, so should get back to it…