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Another short story has now been completed and added to the Pure Escapism collection. By my count the total amount of words between them comes in at around 96,000 now, which came as a surprise to me when I compiled the numbers.

This story continues on the tale of the giant white minotaur Nhaqosa, following on from The Pit and The Merchant’s Legacy. This one is called Echoes of Dark Reflections.

The world that Nhaqosa has found himself in has always been the most gritty and brutal of the various setting, but this one is darker still, at least for my writing. The story never intended to turn out the way it did. The concept behind it had always been there, to give Nhaqosa something of a different challenge, one that would test even him. However the story took a different path than I expected and I had to ramp back the ending a bit. Even so, the events are going to leave scars on Nhaqosa, and how than pans out in future stories we will have to see when I get around to them.

Given the nature of the story, it seemed logical to introduce a new race, one that I had been trying to work out how to bring into the setting. This is the Talsharan, as mentioned previously in Long Lost Relics. They have something of a dark, unpleasant history to them as well, one that will require further exapnding on at a future date.

The story is also in a way a bit of a homage to Dark Sun setting. It isn’t set on Athas, but it does in parts have a feel for the same brutal setting of Dark Sun I’d like to think.

And so with another story down, it is time to move onto the next one.

I just added one of the short stories I mentioned I found the other day to the list of downloadable stories on the Pure Escapism page. This one is called Long Lost Relics.

Okay, I’ll admit that there is a bit of a bad pun involved there; they story revolves around the recovery of a long lost religious relic, and at the same time the story itself was a bit of a lost relic recently recovered and rewritten.

The story itself originated from a game I played many years ago that sadly ended when the GM got overtaken by real life. It was a fantasy 4X style game – building up a nation via exploration, research, construction and war. The story itself relates certain events that happened during the game itself.

It has nothing to do with the worlds of my fantasy writing, even though I am trying to get the Talsahran, the race I played in the game, into the setting somehow. It has been put up simply as a relic of past writing.

Just finished off the rough draft of the Echoes of Dark Reflections short story, at slightly over 4500 words.

I did this in the new minimalist rough draft style, so it will take a lot of reworking and polishing in the rewrites to get it in a readable form. Not sure how long that will take.

Nhaqosa and his bad go through a bit in this story, which may change them a little in future stories, but I think it may have needed to be done.

More when it is closer to being finished.

Over the last few days, in addition to working on the rough draft of Tears of the Mountain, I have also been making progress on the next short story in the Nhaqosa collection, called Echoes of Dark Reflections.

The rough draft is getting close to the end, but do date it has turned out a bit darker than other stories. The Nhaqosa setting was always the most brutal of them, but other events in Echoes of Dark Reflections seem to be making it grittier. Whether that will survive to the final draft remains to be seen.

The story hasn’t quite been finished yet, and I’m trying to make up my mind about something before doing so. Nhaqosa is accompanied by a merry band of mercenaries, around two dozen in total. Most however remain unnamed and only around three have received any real attention in the stories to date.

I’m trying to decide what to do with them. I could kill most of them off so only a handful remain, but this is likely to have a big impact on Nhaqosa given he sees them as family. The other is in each story focus on one or two of them and then cycle them into the background again. The nature of the stories is that there would always be deaths, it’d just be more pronounced in the former option, and it would be the way I’d go if I was truly evil.

Probably closer to two weeks actually. Since I finished off Gifts and Sacrifices I haven’t had as much time to write as I’d like. Very little in fact. Some of it was various events conspiring against me, and some has been generally laziness.

Not that I haven’t done nothing, just very little. I think I have the plot for Tears of the Mountain pretty much sorted and have done a bit more on getting the plot all written out, plus a bit of work on the rough draft, but not a huge amount.

This week hopefully I can get back into the swing of things again, doing more work on the rough draft and hopefully some more short story work. Got a few of them floating around in half done states that I should try and finish up soon.

On other news, I seem to be doing reasonable well over at Smashwords on overall views, bouncing around between #15 and #17 for most viewed author over the last 30 days for over a week now and up to #21 for over the last 90 days, and close to 700 downloads between the 11 offerings there.

I have finally finished off the editing and proof-reading (I hope) of Gifts and Sacrifices, which I had previously been referring to as The Gift, and have posted it up in the Pure Escapism collection. At 15,500 words, it is the longest of the short stories posted to date, and may even be considered a short novella.

It tells the story of Halir when he was young and still a trooper, and of the battle of Shiath Atavah, where the course of his life changed to head towards becoming a professor, historian and explorer. Events that take place in it also tie in with Tears of the Mountain.

It is also the first attempt at writing a proper set piece large scale battle in the gunpowder fantasy time period, exploring how magic and monsters fit in with the whole thing.

Well, July has finished and we are into August, so it is time to look back over the last month and see what was achieved.

In total I put out around 56,000 words, making it my most productive month I can remember. Much of that was rewriting, but still, they were words that were written.

I finished off, and uploaded, four new stories to the Pure Escapism collection during that time frame, as well as starting on a few new ones, the main one being the rather lengthy ‘prequel’ to Tears of the Mountain. It is at 15,500 words and still in editing and proofreading. This was a story that didn’t exist at the start of the month, so I am rather proud of that.

As for August, the first aim is to finish off that story and make it available, then get stuck into Tears of the Mountain heavily, plus doing some side work on the next lot of stories in the queue for Pure Escapism.

I’ve gone through each page for each short story currently available and finished off the background notes for each. Nothing profound; just a little something relating to how the story came about or something of interest within the story and what was behind it.

The editing of all the short stories is done, for now at least. Next step is to get the new versions uploaded to the site.

Interesting discovery made during the process. You pick up far, far more errors when you read it out loud than just reading it; your eyes tend to skip over errors far more readily otherwise.

Which means if I ever get around to podcasting them, I’m liable to find errors still on the ones I didn’t read out loud.

Next step is to get back to writing. Lots of ideas to get down.

For whatever reason, I seem to have a blind spot when it comes to editing. I can read a draft through five times and not noticed a glaringly obvious error, and then still miss it on the sixth go. It is not that I can’t spell; I’m fairly good at that. I think it may be that I read the story rather than edit it.

But today I’m setting the goal of going through every word, every line of all the stories on the site, probably 60,000 words worth and editing them until my eyes bleed.

And then tomorrow I will find something I missed.