Long Lost Relics

Posted: August 18, 2009 in Pure Escapism, writing update
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I just added one of the short stories I mentioned I found the other day to the list of downloadable stories on the Pure Escapism page. This one is called Long Lost Relics.

Okay, I’ll admit that there is a bit of a bad pun involved there; they story revolves around the recovery of a long lost religious relic, and at the same time the story itself was a bit of a lost relic recently recovered and rewritten.

The story itself originated from a game I played many years ago that sadly ended when the GM got overtaken by real life. It was a fantasy 4X style game – building up a nation via exploration, research, construction and war. The story itself relates certain events that happened during the game itself.

It has nothing to do with the worlds of my fantasy writing, even though I am trying to get the Talsahran, the race I played in the game, into the setting somehow. It has been put up simply as a relic of past writing.


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