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Just a quick update on things.

I’ve finished the rewrite of The Rose of Nakunwe, the followup to Dawn of Wolves and next short story in the Frontier Wolves collection. I want to finish off the one after that, an as yet unnamed short story that has been plotted but not yet started, before releasing them both.

And then it is two more short stories, another novella, and the collection is done. Hopefully before the end of the year as well…

I have finally finished off the editing and proof-reading (I hope) of Gifts and Sacrifices, which I had previously been referring to as The Gift, and have posted it up in the Pure Escapism collection. At 15,500 words, it is the longest of the short stories posted to date, and may even be considered a short novella.

It tells the story of Halir when he was young and still a trooper, and of the battle of Shiath Atavah, where the course of his life changed to head towards becoming a professor, historian and explorer. Events that take place in it also tie in with Tears of the Mountain.

It is also the first attempt at writing a proper set piece large scale battle in the gunpowder fantasy time period, exploring how magic and monsters fit in with the whole thing.