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So now I’ve got a new short story finished, what is next on the agenda of writing?

In addition to that I will also be trying to finish off the second story of non-serious sci-fi setting featuring the the slightly sarcastic android Ray and his somewhat naive master – and a bevy of green alien princesses. I did mention it was not serious, right?

I found, in the recess of my old computer, another sci-fi short story from some years back – and not light hearted at all like Ray’s one is. It will require some tidying up and adapting to some new ideas I’ve had before it is ready.

And then there is the next story for Nhaqosa the minotaur, a steampunk short story introducing Sir Richard Hammerman – gentleman adventure – and his friends, another tale of the mythical hero Cahuac, a children’s story I’m working on for my niece and nephews, a new one with Professor Halir and Harry Ban in the gunpowder fantasy setting and various other ideas. Oh, and somewhere in that working on the novel.

It is a full time job – just with no pay.

It has been a while since I last added a short story to the collection, but the next one is finally done and now available.

The Painted Ones is the sequel to The Hall of Black Trees , set in a savage and primal world and following the story of the human hunter Braega, his marsupial lion companion Alia and the the small lizardman Tudhala. Braega has not yet recovered from the events of the previous story and during their travels they meet the a mysterious woman with some dark secrets and the savage inhuman Painted Ones.

Got a couple more short stories in the works that I hope to have up soon as well.

A short story draft that has been floating around for a few months has finally been completed. Hopefully in the next few days I can complete the rewrite and add the first new short story to the collection for some time.

The story – tentatively titled The Painted Ones – is the sequel to The Hall of Black Trees, taking place directly after the events in it. The little lizardman Tudhala, the human hunter Braega and his marsupial lion companion Alia make a return, meeting up with a strange woman in the deep woods who possesses unnatural powers over the primal world.

We are a few days into the year already and time for a brief update on what is in the immediate works. So far I am off to a slow but steady start, having hit the 1K minimum daily goal each day. Once the ball gets rolling that will pick up to better figures.

Right now the goal is to finish off three stories that are in the works for the Pure Escapism range of short stories.
Also the rough drafts are coming along for two as yet unnamed stories. The first is in the Primal Tales setting, the sequel to The Hall of Black Trees, and picks up on the story of Braega, Tudhala and Alia. The other is a follow up story to Ray and his Human, which I never expected to write more about, but another idea came to me, featuring the rather common SF trope of green alien princesses. Of course, this being a rather non-serious setting, things don’t go as expected.

There are a couple of ideas floating about for the next part of the story of Nhaqosa the Minotaur, but they are waiting until the other three are done before they get a look at.

And then there is the novel. I have come down to a decision at last – it’ll be the as yet unnamed Australiana fantasy setting mentioned previous but most likely with a lot of steampunk elements thrown in as well. Rather over the top, but it should be fun. Trying to finalise details and then it’ll be off with the first rough draft.

After last years effort, I’ve decided not to make nay new years resolutions this year, but instead set some goals I’d like to achieve. Okay, there isn’t much of a difference, but goals don’t feel as binding as resolutions. At least that is what I tell myself.

1. Write every day.

I find writing a bit like rolling a stone – once you’ve got it up to speed it rolls along, but if it isn’t moving, it takes some effort to get it rolling again. Stopping for any amount of time is a dangerous thing. One day becomes two becomes a week and before you know it you haven’t written in months. I may need to change my schedule a bit by doing some writing first thing in the morning before anything else. The goal would be to try an aim for a minimum of 1000 words a day. In theory it shouldn’t be too hard.

2. Stick to a novel and finish it.

Last year I worked on at least four different novels, and not surprisingly none got completed, even though a lot of writing got done. Two of them had the first draft completed. The problem was I kept moving on, getting new ideas and wanting to work on them. So this year I plan to choose one story and see it through to the end before starting a new one.

3. Write more short stories.

Last year I did manage to write a fair number of short stories, but quite a few of them were reworking of previous draughts and ideas. This year I want to pick up the output. What I’d like to see is trying to get a new short story written every fortnight (though one a week would be nice.) The stories would mostly be expanding on the current storylines, of Nhaqosa the Minotaur, the Cahuac Cycle, Cara’s Choice and Primal Tales, but with additional ones making an appearance.

4. Blog more.

The last couple of months saw little in the way of blogging done. I’d like to pick up the frequency of posts, and to make them more interesting. Also to comment more elsewhere on other blogs and forums, and also to twitter a bit more – though for that I’d have to learn to blather on a bit more.

The second of the Cahuac Cycle short stories has been finished off and upoaded now.

This one is called Wolf and the Stars, and is a little different than the other three in that, though it features Cahuac, it doesn’t revolve around him.

I think it should be obvious what the story is referring too, but it is the kind of thing that would be explained in mythological creation stories.

The third short story of the series of mythological fantasy tales about Cahauc has been added to the site and to smashwords.

This one is called Cahuac and the Bees and follows on from the events of the first two, though is still a stand alone story.

In this one Cahuac must find out why the flowers are no longer growing which is stopping the bees producing their bounty of sweet honey. Cahuac’s journey takes him places both new as well as familiar.

A fourth story for the collection is close to being finished as well.

Was surprised when I did a count of the number of downloads of the various Pure Escapism short stories on Smashwords to discover there have been almost 1700 to date. Which would imply a few people are reading my stories – or at least starting to read them.

The Hall of Black Trees is to date the most popular of the downloads, narrowly ahead of The Pit. The various parts of Cara’s Choice are the ones most linked in member’s libraries – though there is no way to see who has linked them sadly.

Not a huge amount of feedback, but you can’t have everything.

Been a while since I last finished a short story to upload – need to do so soon.

I’ve got a couple more Cahuac short stories in the works. I’d been turning over ideas in my head for what to do next with him and not one but two stories started taking form. Given how short they are and how fun and easy to write they are, it shouldn’t take long for them to do.

Currently they have the working titles of Wolf chases the Stars and The Bee and the Flowers

August is over and we are now two thirds of the way through the year. Where does the time go?

After a very slow start, I managed to complete about 38,500 words of writing over August, almost 20,000 less than July, but still a reasonable amount of writing.

Four more works were uploaded to the collection over August; Gifts and Sacrifices, Cara’s Choice Part Three, Long Lost Relics and Echoes of Dark Reflections. Admittedly most of the work for them had been done prior to August, but editing and posting of them was done in August.

The work on the rough first draft of Tears of the Mountain continues to come along, now at 31,500 words. The main plot line has been finished and I’m starting on finishing the draft of the secondary plot line and then the ending of it. Once that is done, then it is on with the rewrite and there is a lot to rewrite.

Plans for September are to complete the rough first draft of Tears of the Mountain and then get stuck into the rewrite. In addition I want to complete Cara’s Choice Part Four, the next Primal Tales short story with Braega and Tudhala and, if time permits, another short Sci-Fi short story with Ray the Android.