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I’ve just put the first three chapters, some 17K words, up on the authonomy site. For those who don’t know of it, it is a site run by Harper Collins where people display there novels for others to review and at the end of each month, HC takes the top 5 and sends them to an editorial board to review.

Which isn’t the real reason I put it up (though I wouldn’t say no if it ever came up.)  It is more to get some feedback on what has been done to date.

Reading it on the site, as opposed to just in Word, is certainly a change.  It almost appears decent, barring some typos and spelling errors that need fixing.

It can be seen at this page.



Posted: April 4, 2009 in General

There are days I wish I had a save button so I could reload.

Case in point yesterday.

Was driving making a pickup and just short of home there was a dull clunk from the engine and the car stopped. Two hours later after getting roadside assist and a tow to a mechanic, who luckily lived just near my place, the news wasn’t good. Cam belt broke. Bad news was in my type of engine that tends to mess up the valves. Won’t find out to Monday morning when they get a chance to look, but it is most likely the result, and if that is so the car will be out of action for one to two weeks and cost a fair bit to fix.

Not enough that it would be easier to get a new car, but far more than I want, given I’m not exactly overflowing with funds and am still unemployed. Will force me to dip into the emergency funds, but unfortunately I need the car. They have been accessed far too often these last few months.

Hopefully things improve soon otherwise I may be out on the street 😛