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This Looks Great

Posted: April 11, 2009 in General
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It is often hard to judge a movie by a preview.  Sometimes the only good bits are in the preview and the rest of the movie is terrible.

The most recent preview of the upcoming Terminator Salvation movie, the forth in the series, certainly looks very very good.  Hopefully the rest of the movie is just as good.

Sam Worthington, who plays Marcus Wright, is an Aussie, and one you’ll be seeing a lot more of.  Besides the role in this movie, he has the lead in another Sci-Fi movie coming out later on, Avatar.  He was recommended for the role in Terminator Salvation by James Cameron, who directed him in Avatar, (though Avatar is coming out after Terminator).

Terminator 2 is one of my favourite movies, a real ‘guilty pleasure.’  The Terminator movies, along with a few other Sci-Fi influences (notably 2000 AD’s Rogue Trooper) were to play a large part in a sci-fi setting I created many years ago to write in, and specifically a colony world that had descended into rampant warfare, where crippled soldiers were sent back into the frey after being heavily ‘cybered’ up.  One of these days I plan to return to it, but for now I shall enjoy T4 when it comes out.