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Posted: April 9, 2009 in winter wolves, writing update
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The rough draft of Winter Wolves is complete, finally.  Did around 1600 words today to wrap it up and the grand total of draft comes to around 55,600 words.

Much work remains to be done, especially on the ending.  It is decent, but has the potential to be much better.  Plus need to add another 20-25,000 words during the rewrite.

Still, it feels good to be finished with the draft.  Might have a day or two off from it, working on a few short stories, but I can’t let up now – must press on, get it in a decent, finished format, then start shopping it around in the remote chance someone may think it is worth publishing.

Incidentally, I love that word, Huzzah.


I am this close to finishing the rought draft of Winter Wolves.  The final battle has been fought, the villain vanquished and all that remains is a couple fo scenes to tie ends up, for farewells and reunions.

It may even be completed today.

Last week tallied in at just a touch over 7000 words, and the word count for the rough draft of Winter Wolves now stands at 54K.

Actually having the draft complete will be something of an event.  I am not used to actually ending stories, normally simply moving on to something new and leaving them unfinished.