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Had a much better day today that I have had for a while, with just slightly over 2200 words written and chapter seven also complete.

To date the first seven chapters total around 26,600 words.

Having seven chapters completed is actually a big achievement, considering how I structure my stories. I have always, from the earliest days of writing, planned my stories around three parts of seven chapters apiece, which means I am one third of the way through. At the current rate that puts the rough draft at around 80,000 words by the time it is over – though my guess is it it probably won’t end up the long until after the polishing begins.

Tomorrow we commence with the second part of the draft, with chapter eight.


Ten weeks into the year already – hard to believe. Where has all the time gone?

Writing this week? Less said the better really. Got chapter six done more or less, and even started chapter seven, but it was well short of reasonable.

I did however get to see Watchmen – first movie I’ve seen for a while. Good movie. Rorschach is the man, mad as he may be. Love his quote at the end – Never compromise, not even in the face of Armageddon.

Also played a little too much Empire Total War, hence the lack of real output. Still, I shall count it as research, as it does tie into the era of my writing, and has given me some new ideas to use in world design, stories, characters and more.

Post 100

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Apparently this is my 100th post on this site. Bit of a milestone. During that time there have been 37 comments and a bit over 600 hits. Would have hoped there might be more, but it takes a while to build up to these things.

Of course, if I had devoted all that writing to a draft I may have completed it by now…

Joining Twitter

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I’ve finally gone and joined Twitter, though it did take a while. I am, oddly, a mix of both technophile and technophobe and also heavily cynical towards bandwagons and the next big things.

On the technophile side I’ve been using computers since the early 80’s and the internet since the early 90s – my current computer is something of a beast, specifically bought as a high end gaming computer. I am also always interested in hearing of new scientific and technologial discoveries.

On the ‘phobe side, it took me the longest time to get a mobile phone, and then only because I needed it for work. Even now it is still an extremely basic model – can’t take photos or movies or has colour screen or anything like that. Likewise things like Facebook, Twitter, etc I tend to sheer away from.

But I have been convinced that Twitter may be a useful tool to have for my writing so I am giving it a go.

There is a very basic feed of it on the sidebar – apparently wordpress doesn’t support the Twitter badge properly, so at some stage I will have to look into ways to improve the look of what is there.

Anyhow, feel free to peruse it, even though there may not be much happening on it for a while.

Another somewhat mediocre week to report, alas.

Part of that was due to the weekend being taken out as a chance to write – it was taken up by a major garden renovation. My brother, some friends and myself turned the backyard into something of a construction site – a lot of fun, hard work but not very conducive to getting writing done.

Of course, there is my own general inability to concentrate properly and not get distracted. I must really work on that.

Still, in spite of all that I did managed to get a couple of things done – Chapter Five of Winter Wolves has been written, albeit with much work needed, and also the Cahuac and the Sun short story got a rewrite and polish up. It may need a little more work but in general I am happy with it now. I haven’t put the new version up on the site yet – that will happen a later on.

Well, Empire Total War came out today, and I am going to have to be very careful that it doesn’t end up as too much of a distraction. I don’t want to wake up in five months and find I have done hardly any writing.

So this is going to be a major test, to see whether I can pace myself properly and not let it distract me. I think I may need to set some rules – only play X amount of time a day and only after writing X amount of words.

We’ll see how it goes.

After a great deal of difficulty, I’ve finished chapter five, sort of.  Well, I’ve got a draft of chapter five done – though I am far from satisfied with it.  With the previous chapters, while there are a few parts I know need some work, at least I am satisfied with the chapter in general.  Not in this case with chapter five – it will need a total rewrite when i get to the rewrite stage.

At least it is done now and I can move on before having to think about it for a while. The catalyst for completing it I suppose was an idea I had while walking – a conversation played itself out in my head. Of course, by the time I got to sit down and write it out, it didn’t play out as well as it had in my head – another part that needs to be rewritten at some stage.

But for now, on with the story.