Week in Review: Week Eleven 2009

Posted: March 19, 2009 in writing update
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Week eleven was a good week.  Managed to do around 9500 words during the week, almost all on Winter Wolves.  The total for the draft now stands at 33331 words written, over 40% of the desired end total.

At this stage I am roughly halfway through the planned chapters, though the word output for the second half of the draft probably wont match the first. My guess is by the time the 21 chapters are complete, the draft will be around 60,000 words.  It will therefore need around 20,000 more words added during the rewrite and polishing, but we will worry about that later.

Despite the output it could have been much better.  There were a number of days were I got an hours solid writing in and did 1000 words in that period.  Then, instead of continuing on, I slacked off.  Imagien what could happen if I could get a solid six hours done in one day?


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