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Had a much better day today that I have had for a while, with just slightly over 2200 words written and chapter seven also complete.

To date the first seven chapters total around 26,600 words.

Having seven chapters completed is actually a big achievement, considering how I structure my stories. I have always, from the earliest days of writing, planned my stories around three parts of seven chapters apiece, which means I am one third of the way through. At the current rate that puts the rough draft at around 80,000 words by the time it is over – though my guess is it it probably won’t end up the long until after the polishing begins.

Tomorrow we commence with the second part of the draft, with chapter eight.


Ten weeks into the year already – hard to believe. Where has all the time gone?

Writing this week? Less said the better really. Got chapter six done more or less, and even started chapter seven, but it was well short of reasonable.

I did however get to see Watchmen – first movie I’ve seen for a while. Good movie. Rorschach is the man, mad as he may be. Love his quote at the end – Never compromise, not even in the face of Armageddon.

Also played a little too much Empire Total War, hence the lack of real output. Still, I shall count it as research, as it does tie into the era of my writing, and has given me some new ideas to use in world design, stories, characters and more.