Surging Forward

Posted: July 24, 2009 in writing update
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When I sat down at the end of yesterday and did a word count I was quite staggered by it – 5500 words in total. I was not expecting as much, not after the stop-start nature that much of the day and compounded by having to have an hour long lie down in the middle of the day to try and shake off a nagging headache.

It was only after dinner that I really got into the swing of things, with a solid two and a half to three hour block of writing that was happily lacking any distractions. Got most of that word count done in that period. Only makes me wonder what I could have achieved if the whole day was like that.

That pushed the word total to date for The Gift to 10,000 and I’ve only used up about 2/3rds of the rough draft. I’m not going to have as much time today as yesterday, but hopefully by the weekend the rewrite will be done and next week comes the polishing and editing.

I’m rather happy with the speed it is coming along at though, and the story itself, even though I know I have to fix up a bit of an info dump that occurs at one place


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