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As I have mentioned before I’m something of a procrastinator when it comes to writing, and I don’t really set goals or plot out things properly, which adds to that problem.

When it comes to writing I’ve always been a bit of a seat-of-pantser, just having a vague idea and going with it. Oddly, this stands in stark contrast with how I go about world building, in which I do a lot of planning.

I think I’ve realised that though I may write as a pantser, I am in reality a plotter and that is why I don’t get as much done as I should. I’m changing that, and as a result am making some progress – I’ve known the plots of most of the short stories I’ve written in the last few months and have been able to churn out quite a few and, while I haven’t done much written work on Tears of the Mountain yet I am confident given how much of the plot I have already figured out.

I have also read a post by Merrilee Faber on her blog recently, talking about the techniques of writing and the setting of goals. It certainly did nail the problem I’ve had for most of the year – my goals have been far too long term and made of vague generalities; ie write a novel.

What I should have been doing was setting smaller, more concrete goals, but more of them. And so I shall.

The post itself is here and is worth a read, whether you are a panster or a plotter.


Upcoming Changes

Posted: July 19, 2009 in General

I’m hoping to make a few adjustments to the site int he next day or two – in reality I’d like to do a complete overhaul, but the tools on the free hosted wordpress site are a bit limited for that, and as a poor starving writer moving to a hosted site is a bit much at the moment, not to mention not really knowing where to start.

But for the changes. A new tab has appeared on the page, as may have been noticed – The Worlds of Mist and Shadows. Nothing in there yet, but I will be adding pages in there over time, exploring the worlds of my writing, their origins, histories, peoples and cultures, to give some background to the various stories that crop up.

I’m also going to give the whole Pure Escapism page and contents an overhaul. I’m going to stop doing them as volumes and post them all as single story releases with their own pages – and give them another thorough editing. Compendiums of stories will return later on, but only after I’ve built up a catalogue of stories to choose from.