Archive for July 6, 2009

I must admit that I have no problems beginning novels – I have ideas spilling out all the time – but where I do fall down is ending them. While I am for ever starting new ones, the fact I finished a rough draft earlier in the year was something of an oddity.

Holly Lisle wrote an article called How to Start a Novel and in it is discussed what is really my main mistake – lack of planning.

I think I will have to pause momentarily with Tears of the Mountain (after having made it 9K in already) and go through and plan it properly, make sure that it is all there in front of me – world, characters, conflict, theme, the works.

I am not without things to do in the meantime – working on more stuff for Pure Escapism, the ‘prequel’ pilot for Tears of the Mountain and various other tasks that need doing.