Future Portents Completed

Posted: July 21, 2009 in Pure Escapism, writing update
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A second short story has had its editing complete today and been posted on the site.

Future Portents is a stand along story, set in the core world of the Mist and Shadows setting, Sharael. It is a bit of a different story, set at the dawn of the bronze age, when stone was beginning to give way to copper and then to bronze. It fits, chronologically, in between the time of the stories The Cahuac Cycle and those of The Maedari Book of Deeds.

The origins of it took place many years ago, but that initial story no longer worked for this setting, at least the second half of it, which required a total rewrite.

That second half may not make a lot of sense in parts;yet. It is in a way foreshadowing events yet to come and which will be revealed in other stories as I go along.


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