Over the past three days I have had a rather productive spurt, clocking up almost 10,000 words. 5000 of those were yesterday. Haven’t managed to be so productive in, well, quite some time.

All of yesterday and art of the day before were spent on doing the rewrite of Future Portents and in the process I turned a 3700 word rough draft into 5700 words.

It will require editing (and more editing still – no matter how many times I seem to go over things with a fine tooth comb spelling and grammar errors always seen to get by me) and will require some rewording in spots. The end will need a bit more of a go over as well; I like how it is, but feel I could word it better.

Not sure when it will be going up yet to read. Hopefully not too long. Parts, particularly the end, may not immediately make much sense yet, as it is a bit of foreshadowing of things to come in later stories/events.

Next on the list to rewrite is The Merchant’s Legacy. The rough draft of that is 7400 words, so it may take a few days to do the rewrite.


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