Timeline: Age of Myth

Posted: July 14, 2009 in Sharael, World Building, writing update
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At some stage I plan on redoing the whole blog, including expounding a bit more on the background to the stories and how they all fit in together.

To start off with I am going to do a series of post tracking through the time line as it stands now for the world of Sharael. No exact dates are going to be given, as none have been fully finalised.

They will also be done from the point of view of the Maedari, the people whom most of the stories revolve around.

The first one relates to the time before man, the Age of Myth, as told by Professor Halir, son of Aenir, in his treatise The Ages of Man.

The Age of Myth

In the time before man, in the distant past, there was the Age of Myth; a time undreamed of, when the world was young and fertile and rich in life.

There dwelt in those times the Earthborn, that is the ancestors of the Arduq and the Lifeborn, the Dragons. And they did did prosper and their cities were like unto jewels across the verdant lands of Sharael.

Yet to all things comes an end and war came to the fair lands from beyond the world, and the Powers of the Otherworlds did struggle for dominion.

Yet did the Earthborn and Lifeborn raise heroic challenge, but such were the powers arrayed against them that they were brought low and the fair lands marred and broken, and the remnants of those that lived upon it were scattered.

Thus was Sharael reborn into the harsh and desolate world that we know and the Arduq were left a diminished people and the Dragons remained a shadow of whom they were, seldom seen by any.

Yet their lingered in the world relics of these ancient battles, creatures from the Otherworlds, foul and fierce, to haunt the days of the coming of man.

The ages wheeled and past and within time the lands recovered enough that once more life could return, and thus it did, with the coming of the younger races, from where none could tell.

And thus ended the Age of Myths, the accounts of its days forgotten and it was no more, and history past into the Age of Stone.


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