The rough draft for Tears of the Mountain has suddenly hit 9K words, the draft barreling along at a fair clip of knots, and yet not much has happened. No indication yet as to how long this will turn out to be.

Strangely, while doing this, another idea came to mind. No, I’m not stopping work on the draft, but it does sort of tie in.

What I’m thinking of is to do a longer short story, some 15-20K in length, that is something of a prequel to Tears of the Mountain. The main though behind doing this was to introduce a few of the characters and also to give an overall indication to the feel of the world which is a little different than for most fantasy worlds. Plan would be to have it to share and show around when talking about the novel and the world, so people can see what it is all about.

Sought of like a pilot for a TV program, the purpose thereof to generate some interest.

At least that is the idea.


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