Empire Total War Demo Released

Posted: February 21, 2009 in General
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I haven’t bought a computer game for a while, not since Fallout 3 was released anyway.  I don’t buy as many as I once did – more a reflection of the fact games aren’t made teh way i like and used to remember than anything I guess.

One that I am very much looking forward to though is Empire: Total War, and the demo just got released.  It is in the middle of downloading now so I’ll get to play with it a little later today.

Part of the reason I am so looking forward to it is that it is set in the time period that mirrors that of the world I am writing in – the age of sail and gunpowder, of exploration and empire.  For the first time in a Total War game naval warfare is involved – we can utilise ships of the line and frigates and all the fun that goes with that.

Should be fun, should be exciting – just need to wait until the full game is released now.


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