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Sat down and finished the rough draft of another short story, so far titled The Tomb of the Togosa Kings. Currently it is a bit over 9000 words in length.

I’m not releasing it for viewing yet – I want to give it a bit more polishing first, especially the ending. I haven’t quite managed to get the hang of doing proper endings yet I don’t think. None of the short stories I’ve done so far I’m totally happy with how they end.

This one isn’t your standard fantasy, being of the later time period of the world that I have alluded to before. It also introduces a number of characters from Winter Wolves – Harry Ban, Elraes, Professor Hjalir and other – when they were younger.

Hopefully the polishing won’t take a long time to do and I can put it on the website for people to read.


From The Onion comes this amusing video, which appealed to the gamer in me immensely.

Onion Video

After last week’s stirling efforts I had hoped this week would follow a similar course.

I was wrong.  While it wasn’t the worse week on record, it was still pretty poor.  I had two decent days, without being great, two mediocre days and three days of abject failure.

On the positive side, I have got a short story close to being completed, and, baring anything wierd, it should be done so in the next day or two.

Looking back over the last eight weeks, or fifty-six days, I have written around 63500 words.  A bit over 1K a day.  Less than I would have liked, but at least above the absolute minimum I had set.