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A Great Day

Posted: February 12, 2009 in winter wolves, writing update
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Day is not quite done yet, but so far I have done around seven hours of work and passed 6K words written, a new record for a day for me.

Admittedly I did cheat a little as I was doing a rewrite of the first chapter of Winter Wolves so many of those words had been written before.

Even so, the old first chapter was around 4300 words in length and the new one now stands at almost 6500.

It certainly feels good to get so much done though, even if it was just a rewrite. I may even be able to squeeze in a couple more hours later to start the rewrite of the old chapter two.

I only had chapters one to three fleshed out previously, so in a couple of days when I’ve given them a rewrite it will be back to fleshing out the subsequent chapters from the long synopsis, which will undoubtedly slow matters down.

Still, if I can keep this pace up I may be able to finish the novel ready for polishing sooner than expected.


I have returned to my old familiar stomping grounds and gone back to work on the rewrite of Winter Wolves.  It is the closest of any of my works to being completed, with a 20K synopsis finished and a previous rewrite started.  After planning on rearranging the order of the first rewrite attempt, it got set aside for other projects, and that was hwen I really began to flounder about not getting anywhere.

The first three thousand words of the first chapter have gone through another rewrite, with a new introduction.  I am putting this part up as an excerpt for people to read, and hopefully comment on.  This certainly isn’t the final go over – its been fleshed out from the synopsis, but needs polishing still.

Winter Wolves Excerpt.

Week in Review: Week Six

Posted: February 12, 2009 in writing update
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Another week, another update.

Still slowly improving the output, this week breaking the 8K mark. next week hopefully will be back over 10K for the week.

Of that around 5K was on an untitled short story which is around two thirds complete. Should have the rough draft done by the end of the next week, but who knows when it will get a rewrite.

It is time however that I absolutely must get back to working on, and completing, a novel. All this time and all these words and little to show for it. So I am now going to get back to working exclusively on my first novel, bar a day or two a week for short stories and Cara’s Choice.