The Internet – in 1969

Posted: February 14, 2009 in General
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This is an interesting clip I came across which is apparently from 1969 looking forward to how they saw computers functioning in the future – as well as what was to become the internet.

It didn’t quite turn out the way they foresaw, but it showed remarkable guesswork. All works by futurists naturally will not always turn out exactly the way they imagine, as there will be advanced they could never imagine in their wildest dreams, but they can certainly inspire and often entertain at the same time.

For myself I often ponder how things may turn out in the future. For example, the current global economic mess. What would happen if everything goes pear shaped and ends up in a new Great Depression? How would the world look, how would people survive? It did give me an idea for story to explore that, but that needs to wait until I’ve finished other projects first.


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