Treasure Hunting

Posted: January 31, 2009 in General
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When I was young, I was fascinated with the idea of being a treasure hunter – finding lost cities of gold, shipwrecks stuffed with treasure, that kind of thing.    I enjoyed reading books based around it and watching movies (such as Indiana Jones, National Treasure, King Soloman’s Mines, The Goonies etc) and still do.  During primary school I even wrote a number of stories based around that concept.

As such I was fascinated to come across the following article about some modern day treasure hunters who struck it big.  Very, very big.  A ship loaded with 70 tonnes of platinum, 10 tonnes of gold and 1.5 tonnes of industrial diamonds and gemstones, valued at somewhere between $6 billion and $11 billon.  The discovery may not have been as glamorous and exciting as in the books and movies, but to be involved in it would still have been a thrill.


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