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Between parent’s visiting, cleaning up for parent’s visiting, Australia Day and admittidly some general slackness of my part, week four was another week well below par.  Only wrote on three days with around 3500 words done.

It is really starting to get to me this lack of progress that is going on.  I want to write, I need to write, yet something seems to be holding me back.  Perhaps it is that little nagging voice at the back of the head which is saying why put in the effort as it’ll never amount to anything.  I really need to stomp on that hard.

I think I need to reappraise how I am going about this and what I am working towards.  I do have some ideas on that regards and will be working towards them over the coming weeks – more shall be forthcoming as it progresses.


Treasure Hunting

Posted: January 31, 2009 in General
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When I was young, I was fascinated with the idea of being a treasure hunter – finding lost cities of gold, shipwrecks stuffed with treasure, that kind of thing.    I enjoyed reading books based around it and watching movies (such as Indiana Jones, National Treasure, King Soloman’s Mines, The Goonies etc) and still do.  During primary school I even wrote a number of stories based around that concept.

As such I was fascinated to come across the following article about some modern day treasure hunters who struck it big.  Very, very big.  A ship loaded with 70 tonnes of platinum, 10 tonnes of gold and 1.5 tonnes of industrial diamonds and gemstones, valued at somewhere between $6 billion and $11 billon.  The discovery may not have been as glamorous and exciting as in the books and movies, but to be involved in it would still have been a thrill.