Archive for January 7, 2009

Hard to believe but we are already one week into the new year.  Just fifty one more to go.

In terms of writing output these weeks has been my most productive to date – around 14,500 words.  Not quite at my stated goal of 20,000, but that it largely due to me not putting in a proper effort at times and get distracted when I shouldn’t have been.

Of that 9K was for a mostly completed synopsis/outline for the as of yet untitled work I started on New Years Day.  The next question is if I continue on with it or, as normal, get distracted by something else.

The rest was scattered amongst various short storied in various stages of writing.  Around 3250 words were on a new short story, called for now The Pit, that is getting close to being finished in the next day or two.  When it is I will be posting it up for people to read.