Day 2

Posted: January 3, 2009 in writing update
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Second day of the year wasn’t as profitable as the first, as relatives were visiting the state and in the afternoon we were out for a meal, not getting home until just before midnight.  A few hours of writing time were lost there.

Still, managed around 2500 more words in the morning, pushing the total to around 6500 for the first two days of the year, so we are still on overall schedule.

Part of that was the continuing serialised story of Cara’s Choice, a bit more was continued work on The Bronze Man short story, and around 1000 words was on the new, untitled, project (which is over 5000 words into the draft plot now).  The way The Bronze Man is going – over 6000 words already – I fell it is more likely to end up a Novella than a Short Story when it is finished and then subsequently polished


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