Day One

Posted: January 2, 2009 in writing update
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Well, the first day of the new year has been and gone, and amazingly I kept to schedule.  Possibly even ahead of it.

The total for the day was 4006 words completed at the end.  Could have done more as there were a couple of hours where I got sidetracked by TV Tropes – bad me.

But if I keep that up the weekly goals should be achievable.  Of course some days I’ll have more time than others, which is why that wasted time yesterday should have been put to better use.

Oh, and those 4000 words yesterday?  I fell back into bad habits and started another new project.  Well, sort of new.  The story already existed in my head and in brief notes from way back.  For some reason I felt inspired to start writing it.  I really have to stop doing that.

It is a more traditional and less niche story than Winter Wolves though, so may have more appeal.  Winter Wolves won’t be going away though.

  1. J.C says:

    So easy to get distracted by new ideas isn’t it? lol I had to work hard not to get derailed by a new/old idea myself yesterday.

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