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I saw the following video yesterday, a mash up of two of my favourite shows – Castle and Firefly.  (Both, oddly, starring Nathan Fillion.)

It takes the theme and style of Firefly and uses the cast of Castle.  And its great.


Castle Renewed and the New Promo

Posted: April 1, 2010 in General
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Castle – my favourite TV show currently showing – has been renewed for a third full season, which is excellent news. Ratings continue to improve and the show keeps on getting better.

And they recently released a promo clip for the show which showcases the show perfectly – sexy, funny and great acting.

Before any Firefly fans – and I count myself as one – get too excited, Firefly isn’t returning.

I am instead referring to Castle, which stars Nathan Fillion, and specifically to the promo for next weeks new episode.

Yes, that is right – Castle (as played by Nathan Fillion) dresses up as Mal Reynolds (as played by Nathan Fillion). Its bizaare, its surreal and its what I love about the show – it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It is also not the first Firefly reference that has been seen in the show, and there has also been a reference to Dr Horrible’s Sing-along-blog which Nathan Fillion was also in.

Looking forward to watching the episode and seeing how it plays out.

An Unusual Tie-In

Posted: July 27, 2009 in General
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I really enjoyed the first season of ‘Castle’ (as much for the humour as for Nathan Fillion), and am looking forward to the second one – and as a hopeful author would love to have the success that Richard Castle has on the show.

Now I hear that there is to be a highly unusual, yet quite funny tie-in to the show. ‘Richard Castle’ (Nathan Fillion’s character) is to be releasing the novel, Heat Wave, that he was penning on the show, which will be starring Nikki Heat, the character based on Kate Beckett (as played by Stana Katic).

A fictional author writing a novel about a fictional character based on another fictional character? Its almost so surreal its genius.