Million Word Challenge: Week Three

Posted: January 22, 2014 in writing, writing update
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During the third week, as I mentioned previous, I ran into a spot of bother with the computer, which led me to think around 5 days of work was inaccessible.  Luckily I was able to recover it all and was able to continue making all the quotas I’d set.

Block 1: Target: 3500 words.  Output: 3891.  Overall total: 11572

Block 2: Target: 7000 words.  Output: 7570.  Overall total: 22248

Block 3: Target 10500 words.  Output: 17102.  Overall total: 52380.

2014 total to date: 86200.  Daily average: 4104 words.

The total required for the month to stay on target for 1,000,000 words was 84940, so I have already passed that.  If I keep up the current rate, I’ll make around 120,000, which will help offset later times when I may not be able to hit the quota.


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