A Spanner in the Works

Posted: January 19, 2014 in writing, writing update
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So there I was, having a good day – and then I went to turn on the computer to do the rest of the day’s quota of writing.  What did I get?  Nothing good at all.

An error message popped up saying that the computer had failed to boot.  Never a good thing to see.  I spent a number of hours working on it only to realise that it wasn’t going to work.  On top of that, my most recent backup of stories was 5 days previous so around 20,000 words is stuck on the computer inaccessible.

After a bit more testing, it appears that something has happened to the harddrive, either a bad sector or it is failing or has failed.  I am hoping it is not the later.  I have a lot of files I’d like to get off.  Not just writing, but movies, music, photos, games etc and so on.

If it is just the hard drive, I may be able to afford a replacement for that, but not the computer.  Financially things are tight and I can’t justify the expense of a brand new computer.  It has thrown a spanner in the works, but one I will overcome somehow.



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