Still Kicking

Posted: February 27, 2010 in writing update
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Yes, I am still around. It has been a while – okay a month – since I last posted. Just sort of never got around to it.

But that has come to an end. Must get back into the posting and proper writing. While I have been doing writing most days its not as much as I’d like. The puppy constantly wanting attention or sleeping on my lap doesn’t really help.

Played a little Mass Effect 2 in that period, though I haven’t touched it for a few weeks. Would like to but know that I really can’t afford to have it take up my time.

As to what I’ve been writing – well, I sort of stopped the previous project (again) and headed back to Winter Wolves. Its the only novel I’ve actually finished the first rough draft of, and only got abandoned as I wasn’t happy with the way it ended. I think I’ve found a way to fix that. So far I am 20,000 words into the rewrite, so a quarter to a fifth of the way through.

More to follow soon.

  1. J.C says:

    Hope the rewrite continues to go well! Endings are pesky, and I often find I never quite get them right the first time around.

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