Archive for October 17, 2009

This last week has been wild.

Seven straight days of hitting the 4K+ mark of words. 30,403 words written in total. All new. That is almost as much as I managed for the whole of last month.

I had hopped after the first couple of days I could keep the progress up and have been both pleased and surprised when I was able to. It was a bit tiring at times and I wasn’t certain I’d do it, but I got there in the end. As much as anything it has proved to me that I can do it, I can write consistent output.

The one thing that has failed so far is the names – normally I have no problem with names, but for whatever reason so far it has failed me. Apart from a couple of them, none are going to last – what are being used so far are place holders. Unless I can think up some of my own, I may have to ask for ideas..